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To be a vendor at Jackson Arts Market

First Sign up As a Website Member

Then Subscribe as a JAM Member.

Then you can sign in & access booking to select the day and space to book.

(JAM member subscription is an annual fee that can be cancelled at any time)

Note: JAM Vendors are required to only sell handcrafted or locally produced   / sourced, and accompanying items   (packaging, etc.)

 Please Refer to the 'Privacy Policy'
'Vendor setup Rules' 

 & 'Terms and Conditions' 
 at the bottom of the page 
 to understand the requirements of   JAM members before you subscribe.

please reach out for any questions.

Thank you!


  • JAM Member

    Free Plan
    • Access Booking

Please Keep your membership contact info updated to stay in contact. Sharing a space with another vendor is welcome. every vendor must be a Jam member.
Working as a team we can accomplish a lot! Cross Promoting with social media @mentions, google reviews, and word of mouth all make a big difference encouraging attendance at JAM and support of our Arts community.
Unfortunately Weather predictions in these Mountains are inaccurate. Be prepared Bring Your own set up ready for the elements! Wind gusts, rain, Sun, etc.

 Please Do not park on Main street and its parking lots.
(There is a $50 ticket for business associates & it is bad for our attendance traffic)
Please Park in our JAM Vendor Parking Lot (top of Evalina), the First United Methodist Church's Lot, along Jackson street or Bridge Park.

 be a JAM Ambassadors!refer JAM to another Vendor & earn 240 rewards points   to redeem a Free Saturday booking space.
(when you are mentioned in the "additional information" box of a new vendor's JAM member sign up)

Please leave the limited parking on Main for our patrons.

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