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Rules and Instructions for JAM Vendors

(Terms & Conditions)

 Please read and acknowledge the following.

1- To vend Sign Up and Subscribe to be a JAM Member. Once you are logged in you can access booking to select the day and space. JAM Members can join JAM day of, selecting from the available spaces and pay upon arrival (There is no guarantee of a space day of Booking is encouraged). Both booking and subscriptions are non-refundable.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. 


2- Music and the main event time to be set up and ready for is 1:00 - 5:00 PM. Setup can be as early as you would like. (except spaces 25-28 the middle row) You have access and use of your booked space for the entire day. Vehicles can pull in on the right side of the lot to drop off / unload until 11:30. There can be NO CARS in the lots from 11:30-5:20 PM. This is for safety reasons and to give the middle row time to set up. (The middle row, spaces  25, 26, 27, & 28 can not start set up until 11:20.) There is a "Loading Zone" parallel on the right side of Main Street for unloading and loading at any time. 

Please Park OFF of Main to keep spaces available for  guests to find parking.

Warning there is a $50 ticket for parking on Main or in the Main Street public lots as a business associate.

Parking is available all day for free in the JAM vendor's Lot at the top of Evalina street, at Bridge Park and Sylva First United Methodist Church at the top of Spring St. 


3- Please note that this is NOT a tailgate market. This is a load-in and load-out event. (If you need a wagon, cart, dolly, or second set of hands to help you with your setup from the loading zone.)

4- Please refer to the vendor space map before setting up to ensure that you are in your designated space and not overlapping your neighbors space.

5- Artist / Vendor of the market bring their own set up / displays for their exhibitions and any necessary equipment (tables, chairs, pop canopy with weights, power cord, etc.)

Please be prepared for the elements Sun, Rain, Wind!


6- Participants agree to be responsible for the set up and take down of their displays. If assistance is needed, please be in contact to coordinate help, though it is not guaranteed.

7- Participants agree in helping to maintain the cleanliness of the properties on which the market is located.

8- You may not resell any items at JAM. All items sold at JAM must be handcrafted by you or a local artist you represent or sourced / produced locally. This may include art, produce, plants, foraged goods, minerals you mined, and services you provide. Exception for items that accompany the art (stand, frame, packaging, etc.) (No CBD)

9- Artist / Vendor exhibition space fees must be paid at the time of Booking.

10- To secure your space, please book as far in advance as you are certain you can attend. Please note this is a rain or shine event, be prepared to protect your products from wind and rain. 

11- If the event is cancelled by the JAM Management due to hazardous weather, (hurricane, blizzard, Godzilla)  you can reschedule. In which case please be in contact and answer your contact phone number. 

12- Please, be accurate with your booking. There are no refunds or rebooking for not being able to attend. Once you book you have blocked off that space from others and are committed to filling it. 


13- If you book a space but are unable to attend, you may not give your space to another vendor who is not a JAM Member.


14- You are welcome to split a space with other JAM Members.


15- Artist / Vendor booking space rates:

- 12’ x 12’ Area (Ideal for a pop canopy.)

$20 - Saturdays Supporting Live Music! April-November

December - March is Free Vending for JAM Members,

first come first serve to select your space, no booking.

16- Weights and/or tie-downs are Required for all canopies/umbrellas.

This is Required for everybody's safety. All pop up shelters must be secured and extreme weather ready.

This is required by law and for safety to be taken serious. Thank you!!


17- To maintain a respectful professional atmosphere for patrons & other vendors during Saturdays JAM production, we encourage all vendors to at least be set up from 1:00-5:00 pm. You are welcome to set up early & stay late too. Live Music is 1-5 pm. We greatly appreciate your help to give guests a distinguished time to be at JAM!

18- Please be respectful of all. If you are not respectful of other Artists / vendors, customers and these market rules, you will be asked to leave the market. In which case, your fee is not refundable. Thank you.

19- All participants Artists / Vendors agree to be responsible for any liability issues that may arise as a result of the action or inaction of the individual market participant, or the product(s) sold by that participant and agree to exonerate, hold harmless, indemnify and defend Jackson Arts Market LLC, its successors and assigns, from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, suits or actions, judgments and costs, and attorney fees which may arise or grow out of any injury or death of persons or damage of property in any manner connected with the vendors products, operations, or vending at the Jackson Arts Market LLC.


20- All produce/vegetables that you sell at the JAM must be grown / harvested in western North Carolina by you, the vendor or company. You may not resell produce/vegetables brought in from outside the local area at the JAM. Provided that any pertinent Local and State Regulations have been followed. See link provided for more information and resources on produce safety regulations  

21- All Value-Added food products sold at the JAM must be made locally, by you, the vendor. If you are selling any processed food (for example dried goods, spice mixes, teas, jams, jellies, molasses, bread, or baked goods,), these MUST be prepared in a certified kitchen. VALUE ADDED is defined by the NC Department of Agriculture as any preparation aside from single-cut harvesting. Examples include but are not limited to: cutting, slicing, chopping, peeling, grinding, packaging, etc.

Additionally, we ask that you provide the JAM with the proper documentation showing that you have passed and are up-to-date with all necessary inspections for your certified kitchen. Please Email those documentations. All vendors of value-added and prepared food products must meet all Federal, State and County guidelines pertaining to the preparation and sale of their products. These goods must be properly labeled with your contact information and an ingredients list.

22- All meat sold at the JAM must be locally raised by you, the vendor or company. Additionally, we ask that you provide the JAM with a copy of your meat handler's license and permit for the sale of meat and shellfish (obtained from the JC Health Dept) with the contract AND keep a copy of both of these licenses with you at the market.


23- Email to any of the following documents that apply to your products.

-NCDA Kitchen Inspection (required for value-added, prepared and/or packaged foods)

-NCDA Meat Handler's license

-FDA Short course certification (for acidified foods)

-Commissary Kitchen Letter of Consent

24- You are Not Allowed to Park on Main st. and its lots!

You are Required to keep parking on Main St. and the Public Parking Lots on Main street available for customers. This is called the B1 district, in which all businesses associates are not allowed to park, that includes you as a vendor. There is a $50 Ticket for employees and business associates who choose to park in the B1 district.

When you are done unloading, please park in the JAM Vendor lot (at the top of Evalina), the Sylva First United Methodist Church, or the Bridge Park Public Lot.

This is Required! Thank You!

25- Media Release Agreement, Acknowledge and understand by being at the Jackson Arts Market you grand permission to Jackson Arts Market LLC to use you and your images in photographs and videos in media publications. By being at Jackson Arts Market you hereby waiver your rights to inspect or approve the finished photographs or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the image. Jackson Arts Market LLC, its agents, and employees are released from any and all liability that may arise from the taking, productions, and release of photos and videos of you and your work at Jackson Arts Market. 

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