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Art Vendors

Vendors are no longer required to book space online. Just Show up on saturday. 

(August 31st is fully booked for the 4M Festival)

Saturdays 1-5 PM, The Jackson Arts Market will continue to host local artist vendors. We will no longer require online booking for spaces. If you would like to be a vendor, just show up on Saturday with your whole setup. Booth fee has been lowered to $10 cash. The decision to switch to a pay-in-person, first-come-first-served model is aimed at creating simple and pleasant experience for everybody. Please refer to the following rules:

1. You bring your own setup. If you bring a tent, you MUST have proper weights. everything needs to fit in a 12x12 space. No giant tents. No Sidewalls blocking your next-tent neighbors. 

2. Spaces are first come, first served. Some spaces will still be marked or reserved.  Please do not set up in a marked space. 

3. This is NOT a flea market or resale market. Only bring items YOU crafted, made or altered yourself. (no vintage clothing, no garage sales, no MLMs)

4. Please be respectful to your fellow vendors and the space you are using. Do not leave trash behind. Do not abandon broken chairs or tents. We have no dumpster. 

5. No unattended children or animals. Both can cause damage to other artists' merchandise, become a nuisance, harass chickens, or become endangered by traffic. Children are welcome, as long as they remain supervised. Dogs are welcome as long as they remain on a leash. We have no caretakers on staff. 

6. Load-in time ends at 12:00. After 12:00, you cannot pull your vehicle into the JAM lot, for safety reasons. If you arrive late, you are welcome to unload from the curb. Load-out does not begin until 5:00. If you need to leave early, please load your vehicle at the curb. (There is a 20 min loading zone you may use). The lot is not large enough to for a tailgating market. You can park your vehicle in the JAM Vendor parking lot at the top of Evalina St & East Jackson St

7. If we or your fellow vendors feel that you are being disrespectful, threatening or otherwise disturbing the JAM atmosphere, or refuse to follow JAM rules, you will be asked to pack up and leave without an invitation back. <3

Open Mic & Busking

Free JAM Space is available if you would like to perform for tips, host your own open mic or coordinate musical gatherings. Contact Josh @ 941-565-9071 to confirm. Saturdays & Sundays

Food & Drink Vendors

We are happy to host food and drink vendors at JAM. Just like the Art Vendors, Food Vendors are welcome to join us with no booking required. ($10 Cash) However, if you require access to electricity, we will need to coordinate ahead of time to reserve a space with access. 

Please contact us before your first JAM and send a copy of your most recent kitchen health inspection and/or commissary kitchen paperwork. 

Contact Josh @ 941-565-9071 with questions. 

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